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Competitive Programming Course

Internship/Placement Assist Program

Competitive Programming Course

Be job ready in 6 months.

Next batch starts on 15th Feb
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Why Competitive Programming?

  • Because it is fun!
  • You get better at problem solving, logical reasoning and analytical skills because these will be exercised heavily throughout the program as well as in CP.
  • Prestige and Bragging Rights - You can take part in coding contests across the world, win prizes and get some bragging rights!
    To name some
    • Google Code Jam, Google Kickstart, Google Hashcode
    • Facebook HackerCup
    • Quora Programming Challenge
    • Yandex Algorithms Challenge
    • ACM-ICPC
    • Codeforces
  • If you’re regularly involved in CP, as a by product, you already covered most of your concepts from data structures and algorithms you get well prepared for tech interviews at companies especially companies like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Microsoft, Uber, Codenation (because these companies focus a lot on problem solving using DSA)

Who is eligible?

College Students

Get tech internships after completing this course

Working Professionals

Have achieved career transition after completing this course

Admission Process

  • Register
  • Take the
    scholarship test
  • Get scholarship
  • Enroll and
    start learning

Course curriculum

Problem Solving Techniques

Recursion, and Time Space Complexity

Linear Data Structures

Linked List, Stacks, and Queues


Generic, Binary, and Binary Search Trees

Advanced Data Structures

Priority Queues, Hashmaps, Tries, and Graphs

Dynamic Programming

Dynamic Programming, Greedy Problems, and DP & Bitmasking

Course duration & Timings:

practice problems
Mon, Wed, Fri
7PM - 9PM

Additional Benefits

Internship/Placement assistance
Resume building
1:1 industy mentor support
Mock interviews
Curated interview problems
Github/Linkedin profile building

Fee Structure

Monthly installments
A monthly payment schedule so you can spread out the cost of the course
₹4,000 x 
6 months
Total cost
₹24,000 +18% GST
One-time payment
A one-time payment option
one-time payment
Total cost
₹24,000 +18% GST


Sarthak Agarwal
Google Ex-Microsoft Ex-Amazon
Samarth Jain
Google Ex-Uber Ex-Amazon
Lohit Marodia
Ex-Microsoft Ex-Codenation
Aman Vats
Albert Sebastian
Stanford University


Dhrubajit Sarkar
Sampath Shetty
Ankush Chimnani
Masai School
Rutwik Patel
Masai School Ex-Amazon

Student Reviews

Rajat Shet's profile

Rajat Shet

Junglee Games

DSA is something that I absolutely love doing, and I fell in love with it, within the first three weeks at Masai School.
Some of the best parts in my journey at Masai School were the DSA contests and the OJ. The curriculum is beautifully structured and is perfect for a beginner. I really liked the fact that the DSA contests had all kinds of problems - the easy ones, the tricky ones and the challenging ones - which made sure that all kinds of students had something to get better at, all the time. By the end of the curriculum, we had solved so many questions in every topic (from the basics to some advanced DSA concepts) that I did not feel the need to spend any extra time on external DSA platforms (at least for a basic understanding of important topics).
Aman and Ankush were my favorites in my journey at Masai School. I loved attending their classes. Both of them are passionate about teaching and are extremely good at what they do.
Ankush is perfect for Unit 1 and Unit 2 and for anyone who is just getting started in DSA. His approach to the topics/problems and how patient he was with the students is something that I will always remember and Aman is easily one of the best teachers that I have seen. The best part about Aman's lectures was the fact that, unlike most teachers, he always spoke about why a certain approach/algorithm is working, about what makes a certain approach good and about the right way to approach a problem - which I feel is the right way to teach.

Aayushi Shah's profile

Aayushi Shah


I heard about DSA for the first time when I was in Masai School. The process followed by them was: They would first give us some problems to solve in contest. After giving 1-2 days (sometimes a week) for us to ponder on those problems they would keep a problem solving session. This made sure we aren't mugging up answers but actually applying our own brain before getting the solution. It improved my logical reasoning & problem solving skills a lot.

Nishtha Arya's profile

Nishtha Arya

The DSA team at Masai was, like everyone else at Masai, very helpful. Every student was given a safe space to question and understand all concepts. Aman was the nicest! He motivated me to push myself and do better daily, and I’m so thankful that he did.


Admission Process
Admission Process
Program and Curriculum
Program and Curriculum

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