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Course starts: Fri 10th of July

This course has

  • 20 Days Classes covering Aptitude and Logical Reasoning theory and problem solving
  • 4 Days Questions Marathon covering discussion of 400+ questions
  • 50+ Online tests for practise for next one month
  • Personalized training on Resume and LinkedIn profile building and Mock Interviews

Complete Course Syllabus and Outline

You will be learning each topic by learning from the topic theory followed by tests.
This course teaches you from the very basic so all you need is motivation and time on your hands. NO PREREQUISITE KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED.

A few target Companies

We strongly suggest you Sign Up

  • If you are a final / pre-final year student of your under-graduation and preparing for campus placements
  • If you are planning to prepare for MBA entrance examinations and want to build strong foundation over quantitative aptitude
  • If you are planning to prepare for any bank or other government examination seeking knowledge of quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning
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Your Instructors

Ankit Agrawal
Ankit is graduate from IITK and 99.5+ percentile holder in Quant and LR/DI in CAT. The co-founder of Prepleaf has earlier been the strategic Consultant in EXL for 2 years and also being a team lead in other VC funded start-ups. He also loves finance and has worked with Deautsche Bank

What Our Customers Say

Profile picture of Sanjay Raghuwanshi
Sanjay Raghuwanshi
P4 Student
IIT, Guwahati
It was a nice experience for me especially in learning Python, Tableau, VBA and Advance Excel with hands-on assignment within the time limit. The guidance from mentors in each and every topic was marvellous. This course made my pandemic day worthful and I must say that this course is going to add a new edge to your skills.
Profile picture of Dheivameena Karuppanchetty
Dheivameena Karuppanchetty
P4 Student
NIT, Jaipur
Being a recent graduate in this crisis situation, I did not have clarity on how to start a career in the analytics field. This course has enabled me to upskill and interact with people through practical work. Unlike exercises, the assignments and projects reveal the real learning. It was where I discovered whether I truly understood the material. The mentors have done a commendable job mentoring us and guiding us through a correct path. This course produces real learning and confidence to apply it in the real world
Profile picture of Nitin Srivastava
Nitin Srivastava
P4 Student
NIT, Rourkela
I was completely new to the programming world but mentors have boosted my confidence that I have fallen in love with programming. I have acquired skills in SQL, VBA, Python and Tableau. The best part is the assignments given by mentors and their helping attitude to take us closer to our dreams of becoming a Data Analyst.
Anirudha Panja
P4 Student
IIT, Guwahati
This is such a nice course related to data analytics involving all the major skills such as SQL, EXCEL, Tableau, python along with the aptitude and interview preparation. The best part of this course is that along with the coursework the assignments are given which also acts as hands-on-project which helps in the proper implementation of the techniques learned. For any beginner in the field of analytics according to me, this is one of the best courses available.
Profile picture of Pritesh Chhajed
Pritesh Chhajed
P4 Student
IIT, Guwahati
I loved the course and learned important skills like SQL, Excel, Tableau, Python with aptitude and interview preparation. The assignments given are really insightful and a confidence booster. A must for those who want to enter into the field of analytics.
Profile picture of Ashutosh Ranka
Ashutosh Ranka
McKinsey & Company
IIT Kanpur
Prepleaf conducted it's maiden program on placement preparation during my presidential tenure. Given the uncertainty around companies turning up for placements that year, one of the key challenges for us was to ensure that our students are ready for the interviews and tests. Prepleaf played a pivotal role in this by conducting company specific test series, aptitude tests and disseminating placement info booklets for spreading awareness.
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Ankit Agrawal
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Ankit Agrawal
Hi there 👋 How can I help you?


Will there be live classes/recordings?

No there will be no live classes. This is not a regular Coursera or a Udemy Course. This course is more of a self study course which aims to provide you with the right resources and then help you along. In fact most of the material is from the internet and the fee that you are being charged is mostly for the Personal guidance and mentorship.

Is this program only for IITians/NITians?

No! It is for all Engineering students regardless of their graduation batch or year. It doesn’t matter if you are a master’s student either. Just bring along motivation and enthusiasm and start preparing!

How much time will I have to devote to the program?

You will have to devote 3 hours on a daily basis for a period of 8 weeks. Failing which you will not be able to pass the course.

What will be the platform for the program?

The Analytics 101 course will happen on Google Classroom. Interview and Case Studies will happen over video and tele conferencing. Aptitude preparation will happen over ,our placement preparation site.

I have my exams and my internship will I be able to manage?

As long as you devote three hours on a daily basis you will be able to manage. Anything less than that will result you falling behind so we recommend you not to sign-up if that’s the case. Although, if the delay will be temporary then you will be able to manage.

My placements start in August will we finish by then?

It is our responsibility that you are prepared before your placements. So yes, we promise you that we will finish by then.

Will you provide certificates?

We will provide you two certificates. One for the completion of Analytics101 and one for completion of the whole program. One thing to note is that you only get both the certificates when you complete the whole program, we don’t provide any one individually.

My placements are next year should I enroll?

If you are that interested in preparing for your placements then definetly! You should. In fact if you start right now you can sit with this skillset for your internship and then expand the skillset by the time you sit for your placements. Sounds a great deal to us!

My placements already ended and I passed out. Can I enroll?

If you didn’t find a job yet, then we are guessing that you are mostly missing the skillset that could have got you through. The skills that we cover here will help you get into any kind of analytics job you want. We would highly recommend for you to join the program so that you can get the breakthrough in a career that could have been.
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