Course Curriculum





4 Months


Node JS

Full-Stack Project

Programming Language(Python)

Problem Solving using Python & Data Structures

JS & ES6

Frontend Project

Get started with Web development by getting familiar with HTML, CSS to build basic web applications which is responsive.

Learn what is a programming language and write programs in python programming language.

Learn & practice to convert your logic into working/bug-free code (Implementation), exhaust all possibilities by applying brute force technique.

Work with JavaScript or ES6+ features. Explore more parts of the web to build more complex projects and understand different patterns.

Work on collaborative projects to build a large system that explores all concepts that are important for understanding real world applications.

Explore the underlying principles of how React works, and start building Single Page Applications with it. Understand state management, component design, declarative style of writing code.

Intro into Node.js, Work with async operations, asnyc IO, handling basic http requests , templating, routing, using express and build APIs.

Work on collaborative projects to build a large system that explores all concepts that are important for understanding real world applications.

Learn React and see how it helps us build large projects by using Reusable Components and work on Routing and other advanced APIs of react to do global state management.

Components, State, React events, State updation, React - useEffect, React - useRef and Form Management, Context API, React Redux.

Learn the programming language Javascript: Variables, data types, conditional statements, loops, functions, inbuilt functionalities. Use javascript to manage frontend, DOM, Local Storage.

Understand the basics of variables & data types in Python, learn to manipulate variables, perform arithmetics and comparison operations, applying logical operators.

Data structures - 1: Single dimensional & Multi-dimensional Arrays, Strings, Key-Value Pairs and solve problems that require the mentioned data structures.

Javascript Objects & Object Methods, Constructor Functions, Prototype and Inheritance, Async Programming, Promises, Async-Await, Fetch.


Understand version control system GIT & collaboration using git & github.

Understand how to apply conditional statements and loops - to enable python take decisions and repeat certain task. Basics of Functions, arguments of a function.

Complexity Analysis: Understand time and space complexities and learn to analyse the complexities of various algorithms and to be able to decide which one is better for the given scenario.

Fundamentals of Inbuilt Data Structures in Python: Learn about the different builtin data structures in python like List, Strings, Dictionary, Set, tuple, etc. Understand the other built-in functionalities of python programming language.

Understanding the basics of algorithm and basics of sorting algorithms.

Semester - 1

Semester - 2

Semester - 3

4 Months

4 Months