What is Prepleaf?

Prepleaf is India's first end-to-end placement preparation company. Prepleaf guides, prepare and assists students in getting a job. In 2020 we have helped 500+ students prepare for jobs in Analytics, Finance, Consulting, and Data Science roles.

How can prepleaf help students?

Prepleaf provides you the best mentors and courses to help you achieve your dream job.

Does prepleaf offer free solutions?

Yes. Prepleaf offers free preparation platform where you can learn, practice, and compete.

What can my username be?

In general, usernames should not be: offensive, impersonating someone else, or advertising. Usernames are public and could be displayed over the site.

How can I delete my account?

You can email support@prepleaf.com concerning your request to delete your account.

Is there subscription fee for the preparation portal?

There is no subscription fee for the portal. However, for some of the content and features, you might have to pay or spend some XP.

Do you disclose student's information to other students?

We do not disclose the student's personal information to other students. However, we do disclose the username, rating and display image of the user if he/she appears in the leaderboard. We also disclose the user's performance metric (anonymously) if he/she is the top performer in an assessment.

What all topics are available on the portal?

Quant and VARC are available for Jobs, and CAT aspirants. All the topics of Physics, Chemistry, and Maths of 11th and 12th standard are present for IIT-JEE aspirants.

What is XP?

XP is the reward points earned by the user. User can earn XP by solving practice problems correctly, outperforming competitors in assessments (live). User can access some features of portal by spending certain amount of XP.

How does daily goal work?

User can set his/her daily goal (number of questions to be solved everyday) on the portal. Every time user complete his/her daily goal, his/her streak is extended. Higher the streak, more XP points are rewarded to the user.

What do you mean by streak?

Streak is calculated the continuous number of days user completed his/her goals. Incase the user couldn't complete his/her daily goal, the streak is reset to 0. Everytime a user changes goal setting, streak is reset to 0.

Can I see the questions I attempted during practice sessions?

Yes you can see and review questions attempted during a practice session.

What is rating and how is it updated?

Rating is a metric for user's competence strength. User starts with a rating of 1600, which increases/decreases as per his performance (relative to his competitors) in live assessments. Note: rating of a user has significance only when compared to other user's rating (at that point of time).

How do ranks and leaderboards work?

Assessment rank and leaderboard are calculated by users marks in assessment. Overall rank and leaderboard are, however, calculated by users rating. Overall rank and leaderboard are shown only after user has attempted atleast two assessments.

I am having an issue with the portal. Where can I report it?

You can email support@prepleaf.com, or send us a message through support (as shown below) concerning your issue.
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