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Career in Business, Product & Data Profiles

Job Guarantee

Career in Business, Product & Data Profiles

Get a job in Business, Product & Data Profiles

3 month program
Technical & business skills
Industry relevant projects
Learn flexibly online
Personal mentorship with experts
Minimum package of 6 lakh and above
Apply Now Next batch starts on Oct 25th
Job Guarantee
3 Months
6 Lakhs Min Offer
Personal Mentorship
IIT & IIM Mentors
Capstone Projects
Online Classes

How do we prepare you?

  • Over 500 hours of skill learning including business & technical skills
  • Skills, tools and mindset is developed over 3 months of training
  • Guest lectures from 25+ industry experts in different analytics domains
  • Personal mentorship sessions with mentors and career advisors
  • 4 Capstone projects and Industry relevant assignments to add flair to your resume
  • Peer learning
  • Follow-up calls by mentors and advisors
  • Job guarantee within 6 months of completing the program

Course curriculum

Technical skills

This section will cover the databases, data manipulation, exploration and visualisation tool. It will also cover the machine learning techniques which make the strong foundation for data science

Mathematical concepts

This section will cover the fundamental mathematical concept used in data science. It will enhance your problem-solving skills

Domain exposure

This section will provide a gateway into real-life problems of varied domains and teach the ways to solve these problems using principles of data science and analytics

Business acumen & application

This section will focus on building the structured thought process required for solving the real business problem, presentation skills and building a profile for job application

Career assistance

This section will majorly focus on how to confidently present yourself and showcase your skills in a interview and how to grab off campus job opportunities

Course schedule

Technical skills

Week 1-2

Week 3-5

Week 6-7

Week 8-9
Probability and Statistics

Week 10

Week 11-12

Business Skills

Week 1-2
CV Making

Week 3-6
Case Study & Guesstimates

Week 7
LinkedIn Profile

Week 8-11
Interview Preparation

Why Analytics and Data Science?

  • In 2021 global estimate calls for 3 million job postings for analytics & data science roles
  • By 2022, India will face a demand-supply gap of more than 3,00,000 data science and analyst professionals
  • Billions of data is stored daily and availability of high qualified analyst and data scientist is very low
  • Flexible career path as you get opportunity to work in different domains in various capacity and you will be solving complex and interesting business problems
  • Analytics and Data Science are one of the high paying and most demanding jobs of 21st Century
  • Data being the most valuable asset to a company, Data roles play a very important role. They serve as trusted advisers and strategic partners to their management.

Companies our Students Work in

Citi Bank
J.P. Morgan

Admission process

  • Fill your details here and submit your CV.
  • You will receive an assignment, which you have to submit within 48 hours.
  • An interview will mark the final selection.
  • Choose the most suitable payment method.

Fee structure

Job Guarantee
One-time payment
A low cost, one-time payment option. Prepare and get a job or take your money back
₹50,000 + 
registration fee
waived for first 50 enrolments
Total cost
₹55,000 ₹50,000
Job Guarantee
Pay nothing upon enroll. Begin monthly payments only when you receive your first salary
45 days salary
9 days salary x  5 months
₹5,000 registration fee
*All costs shown are exclusive of GST. Extra 18% GST will be levied on numbers shown above.
*All above plans guarantee a job of minimum 6 lakh per annum (CTC) within 6 months of course completion.
Next batch starts on
October 25th

Your support team

Technical mentors
These passionate mentors will teach you the technical skill, mathematical concepts and build the foundation.
Business mentors
These experienced mentors will develop the business acumen, structured thought process and improve soft skills.
Career advisors
They will help you in solving the last hurdle that is Job interviews and job application on a one on one level
Student advisors (TA)
Our alumni, who have gone through the same phase will provide you the 24x7 support


Profile picture of Aman Singhal
Aman Singhal

Co-founder Prepleaf
IIT Kanpur

Aman is the co-founder of Prepleaf. Project Management is his blood and veins as he has 4 years of work-ex being a team lead in EXL services as a Data Analyst and other VC funded start-ups. He also loves analytics, is passionate about entrepreneurship and of course, poker.

Profile picture of Prayas Jain
Prayas Jain

IIT Delhi
Deutsche Bank
Ex-JP Morgan

Prayas is the IIT Delhi graduate who found his passion in the field of finance. Right after the college he had worked with J.P. Morgan as an Equity research analyst and then moved on to the Buy-side for the Margin Loan desk in Deutsche Bank. He has completed all the 3 levels of CFA and is currently creating course content for us to help students in different fields to understand the world of Finance.

Profile picture of Shubham Karnawat
Shubham Karnawat

IIT Kanpur
Ph.D in Economics, UCI

Shubham graduated from IIT Kanpur and is currently pursuing Ph.D in Economics from UCI. He has more than three years of experience in the financial industry working at Credit Suisse, where he has conducted trainings on Machine Learning and Finance.

Profile picture of Divya Pratap Singh
Divya Pratap Singh

IIT Kanpur

Overall placement coordinator, Y12 IIT Kanpur, Currently working as a Product Manager at MPL, has previously worked at American Express in Risk Strategy & Analytics team, and at EXL Services as Consultant for their Analytics practice, and with Shell and Glenmark Pharmaceuticals as an intern.

Profile picture of Komal Raj
Komal Raj

IIT Kanpur

Komal is currently working as risk analyst in the Strategic Planning and Stress Testing team of HSBC. Prior to that, She has interned at L&T and Magic9 media and analytics company. She was also the Head Public Relations of Udghosh'18 IIT Kanpur.

Student Reviews

Subha M.'s profile

Subha M.

Consultant @ EXL

I started my Prepleaf journey with just a simple thought of landing a job in data analytics. Throughout the five months in this course, dedication is the only thing that this course requires. Course is very extensive and covers a lot of topics: SQL, Advanced Excel, Python, Probability and statistics, ML as well as communication skills and business acumen. Mentors for each of the course are well experienced and they're constantly just a text away for a practice session. Especially towards the end of the course; peer learning and mentors gave me the extra edge to crack the interview.

Ujwal Limje's profile

Ujwal Limje

Data Analyst @ Happay

I would like to thank and appreciate each & every member of Prepleaf to help me get through these bleak times. Believe me friends, If I can get this, anyone can. Just trust the process. All the best.

Special thanks to Ankit Agrawal & Ajay Katana for constant support✨

Nimish Tembhurne's profile

Nimish Tembhurne

Business Analyst @ Moglix

I would like to thank every member of the Prepleaf team for their continuous support, without which I would have not accomplished this. I would specially like to thank Ankit for being so supportive and helping me during the interview process. All in all my Prepleaf journey has been very fulfilling and informative.

Thanks a lot guys!!😁

Lokesh Lohar's profile

Lokesh Lohar

Data Scientist @ Ipsator

I would like to express my gratitude to all the Prepleaf mentors for their unwavering support and assistance during the course. Learning Data Analytics technologies like SQL, Python, Advanced Excel, and Tableau, as well as business skills like Guesstimates and Case Studies, was a fantastic experience for me, and it helped me land a position as a Data Analyst with Ipsator Analytics. Mentor-led mock interviews enhanced my confidence in facing interviews, which proved to be quite beneficial throughout placements.

Lokesh Sharma's profile

Lokesh Sharma

Business Analyst @ Aadar

I would like to thank the entire prepleaf team for their continuous guidance and support, without them it won't be possible. Prepleaf has been incredibly helpful in my personal growth. A special thanks to Ankit Sir for being a inspirational source for me during my amazing Prepleaf journey.

Thanks a lot!!!😊

Keshav Rathore's profile

Keshav Rathore

Data Analyst @ CashBook

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to team prepleaf and all the mentors for their constant support and guidance throughout the 5 months of my placement preparation which ultimately helped me bag a job as a data analyst at Casbook. Learned and got familiar with several data analysis tools like Excel, SQL, Python, ML and Tableau. Classes were well structured, personalized attention was given and all the doubts were solved as soon as possible. All in all, it was a pleasant journey where I made new friends, learned new skills, did some nice projects and got placed.

Gangadhar Pothala's profile

Gangadhar Pothala

Consultant @ EXL

I would like to express my gratitude to all the Prepleaf Mentors for their constant support and guidance through out my placement preparation. The beauty in prepleaf Structure is not only in teaching data analysis tools like Python, Excel, SQL, Tableau and ML but also in Interview handling techniques. This Helps me to grab an opportunity as a Consultant at EXL Service. They supported me Technically and morally every time with personalized attention. This is the platform where I met many great brains and worked together on assignments, projects and learned new skills

T Manikanta Lakshman's profile

T Manikanta Lakshman

Business Analyst @ EXL

I joined Prepleaf as an amateur with zero knowledge in any of the skills required for the analytics and data science. Initially i had doubts whether all of this will be possible in this short term but the Prepleaf team handled it well and in a structured way. There was always constant support and monitoring whether the job is being done in the given time or not. So to sum this up,Prepleaf gave me the skills and the confidence required to achieve the job i dreamt of.

Paramjeet Singh's profile

Paramjeet Singh

IIT Roorkee

I started my Data Analytics journey from Prepleaf course. Course is structured in such a way that a student like me who don't come to programming background can learn DA skills. After completion of course I have basis understanding of software like Python, SQL, Tableau etc. I am able to apply my learning by doing course projects and got real world knowledge for how to apply DA skills. I would like to thank Kunj sir and Aman sir for their support and giving me opportunity to learn DA skills.


Admission Process

Who is eligible to apply for this program?

  1. Academic background: You can apply if you have either completed your graduation in any stream after 2016 or currently studying in your final year.
  2. English proficiency: This program is conducted in English; hence you should be able to follow instructions in English.
  3. Time commitment: You should be able to commit a minimum of 2 hours of involvement on weekdays and at least 4 hours of involvement on Weekends. Monday will be the rest day.
  4. Available to work after the program: The objectives of this program are learning and placement, hence you should be available to take a job after completion of this program.

What is the selection criteria for this program?

The main thing we assess for in our enrolment process is the efforts a student will be able to put during this program.

  • Basic Aptitude Check
  • Commitment Check
  • Basic English communication check
  • Academic background and document check

What is the admission process in detail?

What are logistics required for this program?

  1. Minimum 1 Mbps download speed.
  2. Minimum Computer Hardware Specs - a) 1 GHz Processor b) 4 GB RAM c) 120 GB Hard Drive d) Microphone e) Webcam
  3. Slack supportive Mobile Phone

Will there be any registration fee to apply the course?

How do I get to know that I am selected for the Program?

Program and Curriculum

How much time do I need to invest?

Is there any minimum salary gurantee?

What if I already a working professional at ‘x’ salary?

What is the duration of the program?

Is it possible that the program might get extended after 7 months?

What kind of job can I expect after completing the program?

What if I am fired/ I resign from a new job after I join the course?

Will I get a certificate or degree after completing the program?

What is the medium of instruction going to be?

How will I be evaluated during the program?

If I fail in a particular module or exam what will happen?

If I dropout in the middle of the program what will happen?

If you decide that Prepleaf is not the right choice for you within 15 days of starting the program, then you can leave without any payment. If you decide to leave after that, then following will be the liabilities:
Program duration Payment
15 days No payment
15-30 Days 40,000
31-75 days 70,000
76-120 days 100,000
After 120 days 100% ISA Payment

Is there any project associated with the program?

Is attendance necessary for tests, lectures and assignments?

How my doubts will be resolved?

How long can I access the content?

Who will be our mentors and instructors?

What do I have to do other than the course on my own?

Will there be one on one session with the mentors?


What is ISA?

When will my ISA payment start?

Do I need to pay anything if I dropout in the middle of the program?

If you decide that Prepleaf is not the right choice for you within 15 days of starting the program, then you can leave without any payment. If you decide to leave after that, then following will be the liabilities:
Program duration Payment
15 days No payment
15-30 Days 40,000
31-75 days 70,000
76-120 days 100,000
After 120 days 100% ISA Payment

Will I get a refund if I do not get a job after completing the program?

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