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Placement Preparation Series

#4 - Algorithms and Coding Prep

November 11, 6:00PM
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  • Overview of Python programming
  • Introduction to two pointers
  • Inspiration for sorting - the Merge Sort
  • Interview related questions


Harsh Narang
Data Scientist at Envestnet Yodlee
IIT Kanpur
Harsh is a computer science graduate from IIT Kanpur. He is currently working as a Data Scientist at Envestnet Yodlee. He has also worked as a research intern at UT Dallas.

#3 - Quant profile placement prep

October 25, 5:00PM
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  • Quant Screening Test & Interview preparation
  • Overview of Probability & Statistics
  • Puzzles, Coding, General Maths, Aptitude
  • Data Structures and Algorithms


Pritesh Kumbhare
Quantitative Researcher at WorldQuant
IIT Kanpur
Pritesh is currenly working as Quantitative Researcher at WorldQuant. He graduated from IIT Kanpur and has interned at DE Shaw & Co. He has 1.5 years of experience in investment management industry and has cleared CFA level 1. He was the Overall Placement Co-ordinator of IIT Kanpur.

#2 - Data analysis with SQL

October 18, 6:00PM
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  • Database Management System
  • Data Analytics Basics
  • Interview Related Question


Kunj Behari Beriwala
Analytics consultant to AmEx at EXL
IIT Kanpur
Kunj is an analytics consultant to AmEx at EXL services. He is an alumni of Aalto University Finland & IIT, Kanpur, and has worked with multiple start-ups in the past. He is passionate about Data Visualization, playing Basketball and Innovation.

#1 - Probability and Statistics

October 11, 7:00PM
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  • RandomVariable, Probability Functions
  • Conditional Probability, Bayes Theorem & Independence of Events
  • Expectation,Variance, Covariance & Correlation
  • Puzzles¬†and interview related questions


Shubham Karnawat
IIT Kanpur
Ph.D in Economics, UCI
Shubham graduated from IIT Kanpur and is current pursuing Ph.D in Economics from UCI. He has more than three years of experience in the financial industry working at Credit Suisse, where he has conducted trainings on Machine Learning and Finance.

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