ISA based Postpaid Placement Programme

About the course

  • Placement preparation from scratch to find a suitable job.
  • It includes Pre assessment of candidate, 1:1 sessions on CV building, interview preparation and other form of interview hurdles like Case study, guesstimate, puzzles etc.
  • Technical preparation like analytical skills development, aptitude test preparation, courses on finance, entrepreneurship and other mathematical concept learning will be covered.

Payment Terms

  • No upfront payment for any session, course or mentorship.
  • Pay only and after you land a job:
    • If a Prepleaf student gets a job through Prepleaf, then he/she needs to pay 15% of CTC + GST in 6 equal monthly instalments.
    • If a Prepleaf student gets a job through any other channel including campus placement or own network or any other consultancy or portal, then he/she needs to pay 4.15% of CTC + GST (roughly 15 days salary) after receiving the first pay cheque.

Our Mentors

Prepleaf has a large pool of professional mentors who are alumnus of reputed colleges like IIMs and IITs, and have 3-10 years of professional experience of working in corporates, covering almost every sector like analytics, consulting, finance, start-ups, coding etc. . Mentors from companies like American Express, EXL, Deutsche bank, BCG, Mckinsey, Goldman Sachs, Flipkart, Zomato etc. will help students through mentorship and courses.

In short, you don't have to pay for our courses if you don't get a job! If you want to secure your job, leave all your worries to Prepleaf and Register here.