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Success Stories

What our students say about us

Saurav Kumar's profile

Saurav Kumar

Data Analyst @ Invergence Analytics

Prepleaf gave me the right foundation which helped in understanding the basics of programing along with various tools used in Data Science domain. It helped me to enhance my performance by providing a 360 degree feedback ranging from technical to soft skills.
I landed into my dream job of mine due to the support and constant guidance of preleaf team. I am really thankful & appreciate the effort they made on achieving the position where I am.

Subha M.'s profile

Subha M.

Consultant @ EXL

I started my Prepleaf journey with just a simple thought of landing a job in data analytics. Throughout the five months in this course, dedication is the only thing that this course requires. Course is very extensive and covers a lot of topics: SQL, Advanced Excel, Python, Probability and statistics, ML as well as communication skills and business acumen. Mentors for each of the course are well experienced and they're constantly just a text away for a practice session. Especially towards the end of the course; peer learning and mentors gave me the extra edge to crack the interview.

Gangadhar Pothala's profile

Gangadhar Pothala

Consultant @ EXL

I would like to express my gratitude to all the Prepleaf Mentors for their constant support and guidance through out my placement preparation. The beauty in prepleaf Structure is not only in teaching data analysis tools like Python, Excel, SQL, Tableau and ML but also in Interview handling techniques. This Helps me to grab an opportunity as a Consultant at EXL Service. They supported me Technically and morally every time with personalized attention. This is the platform where I met many great brains and worked together on assignments, projects and learned new skills

Nikhil Kumar's profile

Nikhil Kumar

Consultant @ Deloitte USI

I want to thank the whole Prepleaf team for the guidance they provided. And to all the Mentors, especially Priyansh, Ajay, Randheer and Drishti who helped me anytime I needed. The best thing about the Prepleaf is the People you will meet here, including batchmates who will help you prepare better and motivate you towards your goal. And Special thanks to Aman, for everything he has done for me and the students!

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Hardik Rabari's profile

Hardik Rabari

Business Analyst @ Shadowfax

First of all I would like to thank entire Prepleaf family for their constant support throughout my placement session.
At Prepleaf as a part of course they are not just teaching technical skills like Python, SQL, Excel but they also focuses on interview preparation as well through arranging mock interviews, lectures on case study and guestimates.
At the end I just want to say that if you want to move in analytics field then this is the right place to start your preparation.

Ashish Dhiman's profile

Ashish Dhiman

Analyst @ ATCS

I was looking for a well defined course structure to get my career started in Data Analytics and Prepleaf exactly provided me that. With the help of amazing mentors,consistent study material and assignments I was able to get placed in the aspiring job profile.I am very grateful to everyone that helped me reach this goal.
Thank you!

Anuj Jain's profile

Anuj Jain

DS Analyst @ Blend 360

Prepleaf helped me in achieving my first job. With their knowledgeable and experienced mentors, helpful TAs and regular assignments, they create an edge over others. They taught me skills which are crucial and required in today's Data Analytics industry. In the end, the Interview session and other soft skill program helped me cracking my interviews with full confidence. The best part is their availability for me every time whether it is night or early morning. I just loved this entire journey with prepleaf. Thank you!!!

Lokesh Sharma's profile

Lokesh Sharma

Business Analyst @ Aadar

I would like to thank the entire prepleaf team for their continuous guidance and support, without them it won't be possible. Prepleaf has been incredibly helpful in my personal growth. A special thanks to Ankit Sir for being a inspirational source for me during my amazing Prepleaf journey.

Thanks a lot!!!😊

Keshav Rathore's profile

Keshav Rathore

Data Analyst @ CashBook

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to team prepleaf and all the mentors for their constant support and guidance throughout the 5 months of my placement preparation which ultimately helped me bag a job as a data analyst at Casbook. Learned and got familiar with several data analysis tools like Excel, SQL, Python, ML and Tableau. Classes were well structured, personalized attention was given and all the doubts were solved as soon as possible. All in all, it was a pleasant journey where I made new friends, learned new skills, did some nice projects and got placed.

T Manikanta Lakshman's profile

T Manikanta Lakshman

Business Analyst @ EXL

I joined Prepleaf as an amateur with zero knowledge in any of the skills required for the analytics and data science. Initially i had doubts whether all of this will be possible in this short term but the Prepleaf team handled it well and in a structured way. There was always constant support and monitoring whether the job is being done in the given time or not. So to sum this up,Prepleaf gave me the skills and the confidence required to achieve the job i dreamt of.

Lokesh Lohar's profile

Lokesh Lohar

Data Scientist @ Ipsator

I would like to express my gratitude to all the Prepleaf mentors for their unwavering support and assistance during the course. Learning Data Analytics technologies like SQL, Python, Advanced Excel, and Tableau, as well as business skills like Guesstimates and Case Studies, was a fantastic experience for me, and it helped me land a position as a Data Analyst with Ipsator Analytics. Mentor-led mock interviews enhanced my confidence in facing interviews, which proved to be quite beneficial throughout placements.

Nimish Tembhurne's profile

Nimish Tembhurne

Business Analyst @ Moglix

I would like to thank every member of the Prepleaf team for their continuous support, without which I would have not accomplished this. I would specially like to thank Ankit for being so supportive and helping me during the interview process. All in all my Prepleaf journey has been very fulfilling and informative.

Thanks a lot guys!!😁

Ujwal Limje's profile

Ujwal Limje

Data Analyst @ Happay

I would like to thank and appreciate each & every member of Prepleaf to help me get through these bleak times. Believe me friends, If I can get this, anyone can. Just trust the process. All the best.

Special thanks to Ankit Agrawal & Ajay Katana for constant support✨

Amit Kumar's profile

Amit Kumar

I joined Prepleaf to kick-start my preparation toward the data science and analyst domain. I am very thankful entire prepleaf team for continuous mentorship and support. The comprehensive course structure of Python, Probability, SQL, Excel, etc. and mock interviews helped me in my goal.

Amit Kumar Chaurasiya's profile

Amit Kumar Chaurasiya

Started my Prepleaf Journey having thought of switching my career in Analytics. During this 5-month journey, I learnt Advance Excel, VBA, SQL, Python, Tableau Prob & Stats and Machine learning as well. The course is well structured and organised in such a way that one can start from zero to medium level in the analytics field. I liked this course for two reasons one is course content and the other is guidance throughout the course like mock interview on-demand and connectivity with TAs throughout the journey for any types of doubts.

Sagnik Kar's profile

Sagnik Kar

Computational Scientist @ ExxonMobil

Prepleaf has honed my skills of Machine Learning, Probs and Stats as well as SQL. I got the opportunity of doing guided projects on ML and this added great weightage in my CV.

Kushagra Gupta's profile

Kushagra Gupta

Thanks Prepleaf for constant mentorship and amazing course on data analytics and machine learning. In this course I got exposure to different analytics tools like SQL, Microsoft excel, VBA, Tableau, different machine learning algorithms and interview preparation.

Vivek Pandey's profile

Vivek Pandey

IIT Kanpur

I had a great experience of learning with Prepleaf. I joined a course on quantitative aptitude for analytics profile. The course content was really good. But the thing that I liked the most was 'continuous guidance'. They provided excellent mentorship on every step of preparation. The interview preparation materials are something that one must never miss. I got placed as a Machine Learning Engineer. Finally I will like to thank Prepleaf for being an important part of my success in getting my first job.

Ankit Kumar Tripathi's profile

Ankit Kumar Tripathi

MNNIT Allahabad

It was really amazing from level of questions to their precise solutions and then after analysis part was the best thing.As it comprises of even per question screen time, and we can compare with others that how much time worthy the question was and where we took it. Daily ranking published also helped to develop a nice competitive environment.Thank you for all that.

Palak Agrawal's profile

Palak Agrawal

IIT Kanpur

I took the Complete Aptitude and Reasoning Course because I knew this was the area I was lagging behind the most. This course covered exclusively the topics which were asked in companies' tests. Believe it or not, but every aptitude question has some concept behind it, and a method on how to solve it. I previously used to search for the concept randomly on YouTube, but I wanted a place where I can get all such concepts at one place. This course provided me with that exact thing. The mentor taught the course in a way that could be understood by everyone. Also, with the course there were a lot of sample tests (topic wise) available, which were very helpful for practicing and revising the content again and again. Lastly, the constant support by mentors at Prepleaf and the professional webinars which they organized frequently were also very-very helpful

Karishma Laud's profile

Karishma Laud

IIT Kanpur

I would like to thank all the mentors at prepleaf who used their experience to constantly guide us in the right direction.The Interview preparation sessions by mentors at prepleaf increased my confidence to face interviews which did help me a lot during placments.

Suraj Meena's profile

Suraj Meena

IIT Kanpur

I solved variety of popular questions from diverse field like quantitative aptitude, machine learning, verbal reasoning from prepleaf platform. Best thing about solving problems on prepleaf is detailed analysis report that we obtain. Mock interview was really very helpful in knowing my weak points in a real life scenario

N Chandra Rajashekar's profile

N Chandra Rajashekar

IIT Madras

I would like to thank Prepleaf for providing a great opportunity to enhance my skills for placement preparation. Special Thanks to Aman and Priya for helping me with Mock interviews of shortlisted companies.

Pritesh Chhajed's profile

Pritesh Chhajed

IIT Guwahati

I loved the course and learned important skills like SQL, Excel, Tableau, Python with aptitude and interview preparation. The assignments given are really insightful and a confidence booster. A must for those who want to enter into the field of analytics.

Ashutosh Salampuria's profile

Ashutosh Salampuria

IIT Kanpur

I was very unsure of my interview preparation two days before my HSBC interview (Profile- Software Engineer Trainee). So I contacted Aman from Prepleaf (also an IITK alumnus) if he could arrange any mock interviews for me. He was rapid to respond and scheduled an interview for me. The interviewee was Satyam (an IITR alumnus) who is working in HSBC itself in the same profile. The interview was very focused on what HSBC is most likely to ask, and the original interview was quite similar to the mock interview. The feedback and suggestions Satyam gave after the interview was the main thing to take away from it. The mock interview enhanced my chances of getting placed, and I would thank Prepleaf for that.

Aditya Mehndiratta's profile

Aditya Mehndiratta

IIT Guwahati

I was really nervous for my interviews as they were in an online format so the mock interview helped me gain confidence.

Aman Gautam's profile

Aman Gautam

IIT Kanpur

I found the HR interview preparation playlist very helpful and I got very insightful feedback in mock interview scheduled by Prepleaf.

Somesh Bajpai's profile

Somesh Bajpai

IIT Kanpur

I think at a time that is probably going to be the most important part of your life till now it becomes extremely important that you have all the help you need. I found it really helpful to have seniors look out for me and advise me if I am going wrong somewhere. The most important highlight of my preparation with Prepleaf were those last week calls when you have constant mood swings. It's extremely important that you keep your spirits high before your interviews, and my mentors made sure of that. I remember waking up Aman at 6 am on December 1 and telling him in utter gibberish that I had two offers in Slot 1 Goldman Sachs and PWC. Special thanks to Dibya Pratap and Aman Singhal for instilling confidence in me just a day before my interviews.

Divyansh Tripathi's profile

Divyansh Tripathi

IIT Kanpur

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Prepleaf for working so selflessly during the placement season. I was benefitted by the videos on SQL and Interview Preparation Videos which helped me tackle HR questions and also provided the necessary confidence to me. I recommended these to my other friends as well.

Yaghyesh Chouhan's profile

Yaghyesh Chouhan

IIT Kanpur

I am very thankful to Prepleaf and its mentors who helped me in every stage of placement preparation. I am specially thanks to kunj, ankit and aman, who gave me great opportunity to talk to relevant persons from my target job profile. They also gave me lots of mock interview to practice and perfect my skills. I talked to mentors during placement session even before interviews. There advices made me confident.

Naman Agrawal's profile

Naman Agrawal

IIT Kanpur

I am from software development sector with 2 interns in the same field but got placed for a business analyst profile. All I did was watching the introductory videos provided by prepleaf and their suggested resources. It helped through the interview. Also their online test series was epic. It helped in thorough preparation for aptitude tests, and the post analysis made me realise where I had to work with so little time. I sincerely thank all the members of prepleaf for helping me getting through in such difficult times.

Paramjeet Singh's profile

Paramjeet Singh

IIT Roorkee

I started my Data Analytics journey from Prepleaf course. Course is structured in such a way that a student like me who don't come to programming background can learn DA skills. After completion of course I have basis understanding of software like Python, SQL, Tableau etc. I am able to apply my learning by doing course projects and got real world knowledge for how to apply DA skills. I would like to thank Kunj sir and Aman sir for their support and giving me opportunity to learn DA skills.

Anu's profile


IIT Roorkee

I would like to thank prepleaf for providing this great opportunity to learn about data analytics. It was very effective and therefore I would definitely be interested in attending other classes in the same format. The instructor was very knowlegeable and provided a wealth of information.

Gourav Kamboj's profile

Gourav Kamboj

IIT Kanpur

The analytics course was amazing experience for me. The platform provided me a great learning opportunity and competitive environment. Especially, I would like to thank Aman Sir whose constant support and mentorship helped to me to improve my problem solving skills. Personalized feedback and interview preparatory sessions increased my confidence to crack HSBC interview.

Prashant Pandey's profile

Prashant Pandey


If you wish to get excellent placement in the field of data analytics, you have to master four: Your Resume, Aptitude Test, GD & Personal Interview. What exactly Prepleaf help me do that within a very short duration of time. Their curated program is designed specially to cater to the needs of an aspiring data analyst. Prepleaf provides the environment where all the peers from top colleges prepare together with constant mentorship provided by the expert. I highly recommend it to those who wish to master this field within a couple of months. There is all free resource available on the internet, but credibility and mentor support will be missing, which play a key role. I really thank full to Prepleaf for this great experience, hope they keep doing great work.

Rajan Kumar's profile

Rajan Kumar

IIT Roorkee

I would like to thank Prepleaf for providing me the opportunity to pursue this eight weeks long course in Data Analytics. I had got the chance to work with various data analytics tools like Tableau, Excel and SaaS. In this course I also studied Machine Learning Algorithms using Python. In this course I had completed various projects which gave me hands-on experience of using various analytics tools. This course helped me to secure a Data Engineer position with Larsen & Toubro. I thank specially Kunj Sir for his guidance for interview Preparation. At dashboard I had also practiced Aptitude, LR & DI, Statistics & ML, Puzzles, Guesstimate and case Interview Questions. This whole course was very overwhelming. I would highly recommend this course to any student who aims to work for Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer and Business Analyst profile.

Sanjay Raghuwanshi's profile

Sanjay Raghuwanshi

IIT Guwahati

It was a nice experience for me especially in learning Python, Tableau, VBA and Advance Excel with hands-on assignment within the time limit. The guidance from mentors in each and every topic was marvellous. This course made my pandemic day worthful and I must say that this course is going to add a new edge to your skills.

Arkadip Das's profile

Arkadip Das

IIT Kanpur

I would like to thank Prepleaf for their aptitude tests, mock GDs and case study practices. The mentors were available throughout and helped me clear any doubts I faced. Their feedbacks were very helpful to me. Initially, I had no idea about how to approach a case study but Prepleaf helped me learn it through their sessions and practices and it helped me securing a placement.

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