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Probability and Statistics

March 15, 8:30PM


  • Random Experiment Outcomes, Events, Sample Space Probability
  • Random Variable, Probability Mass Function, Probability Density Function & Cumulative Density Function
  • Conditional Probability, Bayes Theorem & Independence of Events
  • Expectation, Variance, Covariance & Correlation
  • Puzzles


Prashant Pandey
IIT Madras
Navi Technologies
He is final year undergraduate at IIT Madras. Incoming Software Development Engineer at Navi Technologies. Previously, has interned at Digital Horizon as an AI Engineer.

Case Study

March 7, 7:00PM


  • Why case study is important
  • Commonly asked interview cases
  • How to prepare for case study
  • Speaker's Journey and Q&A


Shristi Maurya
IIT Kanpur
She is a 2018 graduate from IIT Kanpur. She is currently the Lead for Strategic Initiatives and Growth at BharatPe. Prior to BharatPe, she was a consultant at PwC US Advisory. She has also interned as a Field Engineer at Schlumberger and was a research scholar at Kent State University

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