Advance EXCEL & VBA



You may use Excel daily, or maybe only casually, but one thing’s for sure—you’ve probably wished you knew more about this dynamic program. That’s why you’ll want to attend this workshop. In it, you’ll learn ways to make your job easier and increase the sophistication of your data reporting and analyzing. Each session focuses on saving-you-time techniques, advanced “how-to’s,” exploring those previously “programmer only” features and more.

Along with this practical and usable training, you’ll learn how to integrate your work within the Office “family” for even greater results.

If you’ve ever been frustrated using Excel because you knew there had to be a better way of accomplishing your tasks, you’ll soon be on your way to getting more done—and more efficiently—with this power-boosting workshop.


MS Excel is widely considered as one of the most popular basic spreadsheet programs which is used by millions of users and corporate all over the world to keep records of their valuable data in a more systematic and accurate way. This workshop will aid learners to learn the advanced concepts of MS Excel in order to become a professional in no time.

Below is the content of the workshop: -
  • Introduction and Basic Brush-up of MS Excel and Excel Back-End Operations:
    • Excel basic formulas and look up functions
    • Structuring Of The Data & What If Analysis
    • Conditional Formatting And Working With Charts
  • Pivot Table and Pivot Charts with Slicer and Handling of Errors In Excel
  • VBA Macro Programming:
    • Recording of Macros and Writing of Macro
    • Programming Writing Concepts & Data Types
    • Working With Loops and Range Objects
    • Writing of Formula in VBA and Error Handling
  • Advanced VBA Functions