Learn R programming



If you’re looking to start a career in data analysis — or just trying to make better business decisions in general — learning the basics of the R programming language is a great place to begin. By learning the foundations of R, you’ll be able bring your statistical analysis and data visualization skills to the next level. R is a powerful language for statistical computing and graphics that runs on all major modern operating systems. In recent years, R Programming’s popularity has grown enormously in a wide range of fields, including biostatistics, finance, sales analytics, and more.

Prepleaf has the perfect private, on-site R workshop to teach you how to use R programming to compute statistics and generate charts, graphs, and other data representations.


Below is the content of the workshop: -
  • Getting started: Installing R, R Studio, and R libraries
  • Reproducible research: Setting up an R Studio Project and file structure
  • Tour of R and R Studio: The IDE workspace, basic R data types, getting help, how R works
  • Importing data: Importing tabular data, reading from databases, importing textual data using the ""scan"" function.
  • Basic R data manipulation: vectorization and the apply functions
  • Data munging: data manipulation with base R and the Hadleyverse
  • Exporting data: saving .RData files, writing delimited data, writing to JSON
  • Plotting with base R and ggplot
  • Introduction to dynamic documents with R markdown
  • Pulling it all together: your reproducible data analysis project

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